Property Management and Property Maintenance
A Property management company (in my opinion, and what encompasses our mission statement) should receive compensation based on the level of profit the investor/home owner receives.  

With this in mind, our business plan is such that most of our repair work is contracted out.  This has proven to be most profitable for the owner as with most management companies, the management company has the ability to increase their income based on numerous or unfounded repairs with you, the investor/owner losing much needed cash flow. 

By contracting out, we have the ability to have bids placed on jobs and take the lowest bid from our regular pool of vendors.  And being that the income we make off these repairs is minimal at best, it is not in our best interest to "find" repairs. 

                            Management Fees

  • Monthly management fee's are charged at an agreed upon percentage of gross collected rent per month.  No collected rent, no charge.
  • Maintenance performed by A&M Properties, LLC associates is charged at $35 per hour.  Only nominal or small repairs are handled in-house.
  • New tenant location/screening is charged at 50% of first month rent.
  • Eviction expenses (if needed) vary but normally are about $300
Owner proceeds checks are mailed (EFT or Deposited in local bank)to the owner on/about the 10th of the month.  All fees are deducted from rental income and an accounting is available 24 hours a day through our web portal which all owners receive access to specific to your property.  
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