Property Management and Property Maintenance

Addressing the needs of both tenants and property owners with professional competent management.

 At A&M Properties, LLC we are committed to maximizing the benefits of your property; thus freeing you from management problems, while providing professional real estate services.  A&M Properties, LLC associates are dedicated to keeping your investment in good repair with minimal cost; leasing it at fair market rates while carefully screening and selecting tenants. 

 "When you hire a professional property manager, you eliminate the headaches.  We specialize in residential property management; you can rely on our knowledge and experience.  You have your job, we have ours." Pete Rushford, owner and founder A&M Properties, LLC

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A&M Properties Rentals</a>

Are you thinking about investing in Syracuse properties?  Do you want to sell a Syracuse investment property?  Give our office a call at 315-420-4720.  With our hands-on daily experience with rentals we are uniquely qualified to help you buy and sell investment property.

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