Property Management and Property Maintenance
About the Company

 A&M Properties, LLC was founded by Peter Rushford.  He was born and raised in Central New York.  A&M Properties, LLC was set into motion after Mr. Rushford began looking for local management for a few properties that he owned personally.  He was busy in his family and professional life and looked for a management company to take some of the burdon off him.  He was unable to locate one and found a high demand for the service. 

Mr. Rushford obtained a Dual Bachelors degree from The State University of New York at Oswego.  He majored in Business Administration and Criminal Justice.  He currently owns numerous multifamily properties in the Syracuse area and knows what owners are looking for.  He also has 10 years in Risk Management experience with an International Insurance Company.

A&M Properties, LLC has a lawncare and landscaping division as well as a property management division.  A&M Properties, LLC is ever increasing its client base and bringing on additional staffing as needed.  A&M Properties, LLC has worked with an excess of 10 contractors since its inception in 2005 and has the utmost confidence in all of them.

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